Inverter Duty Solar Transformer
Upto 33 kV

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Inverter duty transformer is also called as Solar Transformer & Step-up Transformer. These transformers are usually used in grid-tied photovoltaic solar power applications, to provide galvanic isolation, step-up the voltage and transfer energy back to the utility grid.

Most of the grid-tied photovoltaic solar power plants include a inverter duty transformer in their voltage/power transfer cycle. The photovoltaic modules consists of photovoltaic cells which absorbs the photons emitted by incident sun rays thereby generating flow of electrons.

The current generated is usually direct current (DC). This direct current is then provided as an input to an invertor which converts the DC to an alternating current (AC). However the voltage generated by this inverter is in few kilo volts (KV) which cannot be transferred to the power grid for further distribution and usage. The power grid mostly taps voltages in the range of 11kV, 22 kV, 33 kV. This is where the inverter duty transformer plays a major role in stepping up the voltage to the required level.

Servokon offers a wide range of Three Phase Transformers for Photovoltaic power solutions with multiple windings (3, 4, 5 etc.) on primary side of the transformer enables to connect multiple inverters to the grid with minimum number of transformers specifically designed to fulfil customer requirements and conform to various national and international standards.

Range We Offer
Capacity From 100 KVA to 20 MVA
High Voltage 11 kV to 33 kV (Any Special Customised Class as per requirement)
Low Voltage 380 V, 400 V, 415 V, 433 V, 440 V& 600 V, 800 V (Any Special Customised Class as per requirement)
Cooling ONAN
Tap Changer OCTC, OLTC