Pure Sine Wave Solar Hybrid Pcu 1100 VA, 12V
1100 VA, 12V

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NOVA 1400
Related AC power 1100 VA 12V
High power new generation MOSFET cable to handle high in-rush/surge current
Operating voltage 100-290V
Double stage MOSFET over current protection by measuring Rds ON
Maximum supported panel power from 12V up to 1000Wp
Highest efficiency at lower cost
Charge Controller Rating 50A/12V, with 98% efficiency for fast charging
Pure Sine Wave Output with low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
Intelligent overload sensing circuitry with auto retries facility
Solar PV reverse voltage protection
Changeover Time Ma x: <30ms (in Normal Mode) & <6ms (in UPS Mode)
Electronic Over Current Charging Protection
Support dual mode of working, UPS Mode (180-260VAC) & Normal Mode (100-290VAC)
Reverse Current Flow Protection from Battery to Solar Panel Generally during night
Max charging current 5A to 18A (User Programmable)
Designed for continuous reliable and robust operation
Programmable thermal protection: cooling fan which operates as needed
Different Battery selection mode to enhance the battery life
Model Nova 1400
Capacity (VA) 1100 VA
Nominal Battery Voltage (Vdc) 12V
Charge Controller Type PWM
Charge Controller Rating 50 Amp/12V
Maximum PV Power 900 Wp
Input Voltage Range (Min-Max) (Voc) 17V-25V
Battery Boost Voltage (Adjustable) 14.4V (Default Setting)
Battery Low Cut (Adjustable) 10.4V (Default Setting)
Grid Charging Current (Adjustable) 15 Amp. (Default Setting)
Solar Charging Current (Adjustable) 30 Amp. (Default Setting)
Supported Battery Types Flat, Tubular
Discharging Current 70 Amp.
Display Type LCD
Dimensions (L*W*H) CM 37*35*21
Net Weight 12 Kg apx.