Pure Sine Wave Solar Hybrid Pcu 3 Kva To 10 Kva

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Multi Channel Interleaved MPPT Technology with Tracking ficiency 99.5%
More Effcient and High Reliable
Smart Solar Selection for max. utilization of Solar Power
Remote Monitoring & Controlling of the Solar PCU through WIFI/LAN/GPRS (optional)
Models - 2.5 KVA 24V, 4 KVA 48V, 5 KVA 48V, 5 KVA 96V, 7.5 KVA 96V, 10 KVA 120V
Mains AC Lower Voltage Limit 100+ 5 VAC
Mains AC Lower Recovery Volt 110 ± 5 VAC
Mains AC Higher Voltage Limit 280 ± 5 VAC
Mains AC Higher Recovery Volt 270 ± 5 VAC
Battery Low Cut-off Voltage (set table) 10.6±0.2 V (per battery by default)
Mains O/P Frequency Same as output
UPS O/P Frequency 50 ± 1.0 Hz
Charge Controller Type MPPT Based
Input Current per Chennel (max. Imp) As per model
Solar Battery Low Cut Voltage (adjustable) 11.5V Default
PV Reverse Polarity Protection Available
Reverse Current flow to PV Protection Available
Trickle Charging Current Limit 0.5 ± 0.3 A
Boost Voltage (set table) 14.4±0.1 V (per battery by default)
Float Voltage 13.6±0.2 V (per battery)
Overload 100 + 3% (with auto reset function)
Short Circuit Protection > 300% Load (with manual reset function)